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Coming Saturday, February 11, 2017

Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre, by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, is proud to bring you our Valentines’ Day production, "Love Letters," by A. R. Gurney.

Love Letters is the story of the avant-garde, flighty Melissa and the grounded, conservative Andrew, both born to wealth and position, childhood friends whose lifelong correspondence describes their joys, their conflicts, their longings, their aspirations, and their defeats.

Through the years, their letters reflect the changing culture which has significant impact on each of them, leading them further apart yet strengthening their ties. We see how they are – to an extent – romantically attached as they continue to exchange letters through the board school and college
years. While Andy is off at war Melissa marries, but her attachment to Andy remains strong and she continues to keep in touch as he marries and begins his upward climb to success, even while her own life seems to be headed downhill. In later years, we hear through the letters how they become involved in a brief affair, albeit toolate to rekindle any romance. Nevertheless, we see how much they really meant, and gave to, each other over the  years—physically apart, perhaps, but spiritually as close as only true lovers can be

Love Letters will feature Linda Bailey and Tom Brown.

The evening’s dinner will be twice baked potato soup, Caesar salad, orange-glazed Cornish hen, wild rice, green beans, and a dinner roll, with double chocolate cake for dessert. Each lady will also receive a Valentine’s flower and special gift.
flower and special gift.

March 17-19 & 24-26, 2017

Directed by Neal Ruggeberg 

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